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What is a Coral Reef?
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Present Your Findings
When you complete this part of the mission you should be able to: 

Identify and describe adaptations that help specific ocean organisms survive.
Identify symbiotic relationships in which both organisms benefit.
Design a new marine organism, a predator or prey. Give it adaptations such as specialized body parts or abilities that help it live in the coral reef. Create a model or a drawing of your organism.
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First, let's look at some general adaptations that help many marine organisms live in the ocean.

Fish have several important adaptations that allow them to live in their ocean environment.
  • Gills take oxygen out of the water so that the fish can "breathe" underwater. (Many other marine organisms, like shrimp and sea slugs also have gills.)
  • Most fish have a streamlined shape as well as a tail and fins to help them move easily and quickly through the water.
  • A swim bladder (or the liver) helps the fish control its buoyancy and stay at a certain depth.
Marine mammals also have adaptations for life underwater.
  • Mammals do not have gills and cannot breathe underwater; however, they can hold their breath for long periods of time. Some seals can hold their breath for 45 minutes and some whales can hold their breath for over an hour!
  • Most marine mammals have either tails or webbed feet and their "arms" have evolved into flippers. Their bodies also have a streamlined shape.
  • Mammals are warm-blooded and need insulation to keep their body temperature from dropping. They have either a thick layer of blubber (fat) or very thick fur.

The shark is perfectly adapted for its underwater environment.
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