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What is a Coral Reef?
Adaptations for Marine Organisms
Who's Who in the Coral Reef?
Who Done It?? 
A mystery for you to solve!
Present Your Findings

You and your team have been selected to be part of the crew on the ship, Detective Divers. You will be exploring the oceans to learn about  coral reef ecosystems. 

Each crew member will participate in all of the parts of the mission. These parts are listed at the left. There will be directions at each site when you click on it. You will need to keep a journal of your clues, pictures and drawings, and answers to the questions and the mysteries. You will then use your journal notes and present your findings in a creative web page, a PowerPoint slideshow or a HyperStudio stack.

When you complete all the parts of this mission you should be able to:

Describe coral reefs: what they are, their location, how they are built, their importance as an ecosystem and a resource.
Identify organisms that live in and around coral reefs. 
Identify adaptations that help specific organisms survive.
Describe problems that are currently impacting the ocean, 
especially the coral reefs. 

Now, get ready to Dive In! Click on the Rubric so that you know what is required and how you will be scored. Then click on the activities.

Good Luck!


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