What is
a Coral Reef?
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What is a Coral Reef?
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You and your team have been selected to be part of the crew on the ship, Detective Divers. You will be exploring the oceans to learn about coral reef ecosystems. 

When you complete this mission you should be able to:

Describe coral reefs: 

  • where they are located 
  • how they are built and what they are made of
  • why they are important as an ecosystem and as a resource.
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These pictures were taken in the Bahamas, Cozumel and Curacao by the author, Karen Muska.

Coral Reef Questions Use the links below to help you answer these questions about coral reefs. You may also use other sources like library books and science software programs. Write the answers in your ocean journal.

1. In what parts of the world are coral reefs located?

2. Are there any coral reefs in the Arctic Ocean?

3. What is coral? (what kind of organism)

4. Draw a picture of a coral polyp or several polyps together.

5. What are cnidae and nematocysts?

6. How does coral get food? What does it eat?

7. What are zooxanthellae and why are they important?

8. How does coral grow and reproduce? How do reefs form?

9. How much does a coral reef usually grow in a year?

10. Why are coral reefs so important? Give at least two reasons.

Links:   Special Instructions:

The Coral Reef Alliance - Resources

Click on:
About coral reefs

The Shedd Aquarium- Shedd Educational Adventures- Explorer's Guide

1. Click on Places: Land and Sea,
Then click on Coral Reefs

2. From the Explorer's Guide, click on Plants and Animals
Now you can click on Leather Coral, Brain Coral, Branching Coral, and Fire Coral

Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary Photo Gallery

Scroll down the list of pictures and descriptions. Look for pictures of different corals.

Photo Gallery Coral Polyps

Just click and look!



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