Rubric: What is
a Coral Reef?
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What is Coral
coral reef scene

When you complete this mission you should be able to:
Describe coral reefs: 

  • where they are located 
  • how they are built and what they are made of
  • why they are important as an ecosystem and as a resource

Scoring Rubric
Detective Diver Score
Clues Discovered 
4 - Leaping Dolphins 
You Did It!
  • Correctly answered  9 or all 10 of the questions about coral reefs.
3 - Jumping Fish
  • Correctly answered 7 or 8 of the questions about coral reefs.
2 - Shrimp
Very low on the food chain
  • Correctly answered 5 or 6 of the questions about coral reefs.
0-1 Anchor
  • Did not correctly answer more than 4 of the questions about coral reefs.


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