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Links For Organisms:

Secrets of the Ocean Realm
1. City in the Sea: grouper, reef shark, turtle, barracuda, stingray
2. Venom:  nudibranch, clown anemonefish, jellyfish, lionfish
3. Survival: sea turtle, octopus
4. Star Gardens: sea stars, sea urchin
5. Darkness: brain coral, lobster

The Shedd Aquarium - Explore by Animal
Scroll down the list on the left side

The Shedd Aquarium - Shedd Educational Adventures - Explorer's Guide
Click on Plants and Animals and Places: Land and Sea

Enchanted Learning/ Oceans
Click on the pictures of ocean animals to get more information.
Queen conch, krill, plankton, lobster, shrimp, Portuguese Man o War (jellyfish), clams, crabs, dolphins, cuttlefish, angelfish, sea stars

Reef News- Fishes
Angelfish, trumpetfish, Queen Triggerfish, Sergeant Major,lionfish, stingray, parrotfish, 
Red Hind fish, reef shark, King Angelfish, Blue Tang, yellow goatfish, Nassau Grouper, Garibaldi, Black Jack, soldierfish, needlefish

Reef News- Critters
dolphin, loggerhead turtle, green turtle, lobster, Christmas Tree worm, Flamingo Tongue snail, Vase sponge, Tube Sponge, Barrel sponge, Feather Duster Worm

Ocean Link  
Click on the inks listed.

National Marine Sanctuaries - Photo Galleries
Click on the links for each sanctuary.
Try Florida Keys, Channel Islands, Gray's Reef, Monterey Bay
Photos with short descriptions: lobster, sea grass, Elkhorn coral, sea fan, shrimp on brain coral, Christmas Tree Worm, Yellowtail Snapper, Spotted Eagle Ray, Queen Angelfish, butterflyfish 

Fish Identification Pictures
Photos of many types of fish: angelfish, butterfly fish, etc.
Plankton- Nature Works
Information about plankton
Florida Fishing Guide
Many types of fish with pictures and descriptions-
groupers, yellowtail snapper, red snapper, jacks, jewfish, seabass
When you complete this part of the mission you should be able to:
Identify organisms that live in and around coral reefs. 
Identify adaptations that help specific organisms survive.
Create a food web that shows the relationships between several organisms in a coral reef.
Click here for the Scoring Rubric

Part I
Identifying Organisms
1. Detective diver teams should work together to identify each of the organisms in the pictures below. 
Use this Identifying Organisms Chart to record your answers.

You may use the links on this page, any additional software your school has, books, magazines, and Wildlife Fact File cards.

1. Zoop- - -k -on

2.    - - - m - - e

3.  P - r - - -  fish

4. S - -   F - -

5. N- - - b - - - - -

 6. T - - - - - - fish

7. Reef    - - - - - - -

8.  - q - - -

9.   C - - - -      - - - yps

10. Moon      - - - - - f - - h

11. B - - - a - u - a

12. G - - - p - -

13. Sp- - - - d M - - - -  E - -

14. F - - th - r  D - - - - R  W - - ms

15. Ch - - - -- - s Tr - e W- - - s

16. Por- - - -ne  F- - h
( a type of P - - - - r  F- - h)

17. Q - - - -  A - - - - f - - -

18. S - - - r - elf - - h    or

So- - - - rf - - h

19. Fr - - ch A - - - - f - - - 

20. Spider C - - -

Bonus Pictures!!!   Can You Identify These Organisms Without Clues?

Bonus Picture # 1

Bonus Picture # 2

Part II
Researching An Organism
Each detective diver team should pick one of the pictured organisms or one from the list of additional organisms.

For the organism you have chosen, use this template and:

  • Draw or insert a picture.
  • Write the name of the organism.
  • Identify the group to which it belongs. (fish, mollusk, algae, crustacean, plant, reptile, etc.)
  • List its diet and diagram its place in a food chain or web. (what it eats and what eats it)
  • Describe how it is adapted to its environment. (examples: adaptations to catch prey or to hide, escape or protect itself; adaptations for movement; helpful relationship with another organism)
Additional List of Organisms
Lionfish Manta Ray Brain coral Clown Anemonefish
Shrimp or Banded Coral Shrimp Vase or Tube Sponge 
(sea grass)
Goby Sergeant Major Fish Butterflyfish Caribbean Reef Shark
Octopus Garibaldi fish Queen Conch Sea Urchin
Seahorse Triggerfish Nurse shark Goatfish
Blue Tang Krill Dolphin Stingray
Sea Turtle (Green, Leatherback, etc.) Elkhorn Coral Spotted Eagle Ray

You may use the links on this page, any additional software your school has, books, magazines, and Wildlife Fact File cards.


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