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Cricket Meals

Problem: Are crickets plant eaters or meat eaters?

Research: Look up information about crickets and insects. Your background research should explain what type of animal crickets are, what they look like and where they live.

Hypothesis: Predict whether crickets will choose to eat pieces of plants or pieces of meat when you give them both.
I think that most crickets will choose ______________ when I give them both plants and meat scraps.

Setting Up the Experiment:


Manipulated Variable: Type of food (This is the only thing you can change.)
Responding Variable: The number of crickets that choose that food each day (these are the results that you will count)


  1. Set up the terrarium. Place the cardboard tubes in the bottom so the crickets have places to hide. Put some water in one of the lids and put it in the middle of the terrarium. Put the other two lids at opposite ends of the terrarium. one lid will be for plant pieces and the other will be for meat scraps.
  2. Add the crickets and give them some time get settled.
  3. Place a small  plant pieces in one lid and some meat scraps in the other lid. Crickets are most active in the evening and at night so that would be a good time to feed them. Give the crickets time to choose a food - they may check out both.
  4. Record the number of crickets eating each type of food. Remove uneaten food after about 2 hours so it does not get smelly.
  5. Repeat the feedings every day for 7 days and record your results.

Make a chart like this to record your results. Then you can graph the totals on a bar graph.
# of crickets eating plants
# of crickets eating meat
# of crickets that weren't eating

Look over your results. What did you find out? Did most of the crickets eat only plant parts or only meat parts? Did the crickets eat both? Write your conclusion and answer the problem. Tell if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect.