Calling All Scientists!

Here are some really cool experiments that you can do for the science fair.
Click on the links below to read the experiments. Pick one that you would like to do for your project and print out a copy.

1. Are crickets plant eaters or meat eaters? (Try different foods and see what they eat or prefer.)

2. Do mealworms (or earthworms or snails or pillbugs) prefer environments that are hot, warm, cool, or cold?

3. Which seeds germinate (sprout) faster? (Try three different types such as beans, carrots, marigolds.)

4. How do different surfaces affect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

5. Does salt or sand help melt ice faster?

6. Can you dissolve more sugar in hot water or cold water?

7. Do lighter or heavier cars (or balls) go farther when rolled down the same ramp?

8. Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?

9. Do different colors make a surface heat up faster?

Images on this page and the experiment pages are from: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live, and The Animation Factory.