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Our Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has just the right conditions for living things. It is not too close or too far from the sun. The earth rotates (spins) completely around in 24 hours. This makes day and night. The Earth also revolves (orbits) around the sun and this creates the seasons.

With a partner, demonstrate night and day and the seasons of the year. One partner will hold a bright light and act as the sun. The other partner will use a globe for the Earth and demonstrate rotation and revolution.

Now find out more about the sun by visiting the following site and clicking on:

1. Some Interesting Facts About the Sun    and 

2. How We Depend On the Sun

Click here for OUR SUN

In your space journal, write the answers to :
1. What is the sun?

2. How far is it from the earth to the sun?

3. Why is the sun important?

For more advanced information about the sun, you may wish to visit:
The Sun- Advanced

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