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Time for stargazing!

Look out your portal at the millions of stars. Your mission is to become familiar with several major constellations. A constellation is a group of  stars that form a shape or a picture.

Part 1: Learning About Stars

Go to the following sites and investigate the following questions. Write the answers in your space journal.

1. What are stars?

2. What makes stars shine?

3. Do stars shine forever?

4. Why are stars important to us?

Links for Stars:

NASA Observatorium Space Science- Stars

StarChild: Stars

Just for fun, take this quiz on stars:
Star Quiz

Part 2: Investigating Constellations

Use the links below to find information about two or more constellations.

1. Click on the sites below. Each site will have a list of the constellations. Choose at least two constellation to research. You can click on each constellation to find links that will show pictures or drawings and tell about the myths.

2. For each of the constellations you choose you need to:

Draw the constellation and label the major stars.
Describe where in the sky and in which seasons the constellation can be seen or if it is circumpolar and can be seen all year.
Write a paragraph that tells the myth about the constellation.

3. Finally, think about the following questions and write a short essay explaining your ideas. Use what you have learned and give some reasons and examples.
Questions: Why do you think that different ancient peoples (Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, American Indians) made up stories about the stars? What purposes could these "pictures" and stories serve?

Links for Constellations:

Kim's Korner on Astronomy

Interactive Sky Charts- Click on the constellation you wish to view. When the applet (interactive program) comes up, you may move the slider bars to view other areas of the sky.

PAS Constellations

The Mythology of the Constellations

More Constellation Myths and Drawings

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